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Veteran Models Accessories List (VMA)

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*Delivery is $15.00 per order on mail order items.


VMA02 GY Tarpaulin

Price: $15.00 + delivery*


VMA-02 GY Tarp Yellow small

Fully cast in resin.

Made to Order


VMA04 L Wagon Assembly Jig

Price: $65.00 + delivery*


Available Now.

Brass etched side and end jig for assembling VM09 L Sheep Wagon. You only need one jig for many L sheep wagon kits.

In Stock

VMA06 VR Picket Fencing

Price: $45.00 + delivery*


Picket Fencing Small

Brass etched fencing to correct VR station fencing height and spacing. Two lengths of 270 mm or 42 feet.

In Stock

VMA09 VR Station Seat

Price: $10.00 + delivery*


About the Kit:


Fully etched brass construction.


VMA10 VR Spur Point Lever (Pair)

Price: $10.00 + delivery*


VMA10 - Spur Point Lever Small.jpg

About the Kit:


Contains two levers. Etched brass construction with whitemetal.


VMA11 VR Station Trolley

Price: $25.00 + delivery*


VMA11 - Station Trolley Small.JPG

About the Kit:


Cast whitemetal and brass with etched brass.

In Stock

VMA12 VR WSA Point Lever (Pair)

Price: $13.00 + delivery*


VMA12 - WSA Point Lever Small.JPG

About the Kit:


Contains two levers. Fully etched brass construction.

In Stock

VMA13 VR 70ft Turntable

Price: $320.00 + delivery*


VMA13 - 70ft Turntable Small.JPG

Brass etched bridge and timber deck with whitemetal fittings.


VMA14 Wooden Wagon Steps (Pair)

Price: $3.00 + delivery*


VMA14 - Wagon Step Wooden Small.JPG

About the Kit:


Contains two steps. Fully etched brass construction.

In Stock

VMA17 Class C Water Crane

Price: $40.00 + delivery*


VMA17 - Water Crane C Class Small.jpg

About the Kit:


Fully cast whitemetal.

In Stock


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